Happy New Year

So 2018 has now begun …

This is my first post in ages and this is officially my first post of 2018! Unfortunately I haven’t posted as regularly as I have wanted to as I have been very busy. However, it’s a new year and my goal is to post more regularly – at least once a week. I thought I’d share what I have been up to recently and show everyone why I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked to. Recently I have been involved in collaborations with a few brands such as MissPap, Rebelliois Fashion, Delilah Jade Clothing, WEARALLOFFICIAL and Azelle Collection. As you can see at the top those are some photos of the clothing I have promoted for these brands, you can also see these and many more photos on my Instagram – alicia.rosex which you can find a link to at the top of my page. Any outfits you like just comment and I will send you the link to the outfit or tell you where it is from. I am really enjoying collaborating with all these brands and I look forward to sharing pictures of many more outfits. I promise to be more sufficient with my posts and make sure you keep your eyes peeled as I do wish to post weekly now. Happy new year!

Alicia x

Rock/ chic style

This is my first post in a while as I have been really busy with school work revising for my GCSE mocks, however they are now over and hopefully I should be able to post more regularly. Last weekend I went to Birmingham for a day out with my friend. I wore my very #missguided inspired outfit. I wore the ‘death metal skull lace up t-shirt black‘  which if you click on the link is available online in most sizes. ‘Rock/ street’ or ‘rock/ chic’ is a very popular style at the moment especially if you visit the missguided site or a missguided store, it seems to be the popular style this season.  To go along with this t-shirt, I wore a pair of suede eyelet trousers which I always get complemented on when I wear them. Again, these trousers are from Misguided and I absolutely love them –  grey eyelet knee lace up detail leggings,  this is the link if you wish to purchase them. They are  a stretchy suede material, meaning they are also very comfortable. They are £35 however sizes 6 and 8 are currently out of stock, but the other sizes are all still available. Lastly I wore a rock studded leather jacket to complete my ‘rock chic’ look.  However I won’t talk about this too much as I have provided more details about it further down in my next post. As I am looking down my instagram feed I have seen that a ‘t-shirt dress’ or a ‘rock slogan t shirt dress’ also seem to be ‘the in’ style at the moment aswell. You can wear this t shirt dress with any form of shoe aswell, if you are going for  a casual day look you could wear it with a pair of trainers or pumps, or even some low ankle boots, and for the day time that may look nice with a cross body bag. If you are wearing it as more of an evening/ going out style you can wear it with any pair of heels or slightly higher ankle boots. My favourite style for the evening is a t shirt dress with thigh high boots.  Whilst I was admiring all the clothes in the Missguided store in Selfridges, Birmingham. I also had a chance to try a couple of outfits on, one being a slogan t shirt dress, this was a very stylish mesh slogan t shirt dress, which could by dressed up and look great on a night out, or like I have said dressed down with a pair of trainers or pumps, and a cute little jacket.  To purchase this dress, click on this link as it is available online in all sizes and is only at a price of £25: black mesh 2 in 1 mono print slogan dress. I wore this slogan dress with a rock stud leather jacket, again going along with the rock theme that is very popular this month. You can purchase the leather studded jacket on misguided, again I will provide the link, you could wear this jacket with anything, jeans, a dress, a skirt, you name it: petite black faux leather studded biker jacket and this jacket is £75, also available online in all sizes. My most recent purchase from misguided which I absolutely adore are my new pair of heels, which you can vaguely see in the picture below. They are from the Peace + Love range from missguided and they look very similar to Versace heels. Here is the link if you wish to purchase or look at them online misguided: peace + love khaki embellished strap heeled sandals, they are a very good price of £40.I hope yoy have enjoyed reading & please leave your comments and let me know if you have enjoyed reading my post and whether you like my #missguided inspired outfit.



Alicia xx


Nars skincare to the rescue …

.  nars

I haven’t posted in a while due to being tied down with a lot of schoolwork as I am currently in my GCSE year, therefore I haven’t been able to post as often as I would have liked. However, tonight I have managed to find some time and I would love to share with you about my recent purchases of the Nars skincare range. I used to use Simple skincare as my daily routine,  however I changed due to the fact it didn’t leave my skin feeling fresh and glowy, which is how I love it, a natural glow! I had purchased the Nars luminous moisture cream before and I absolutely adored it! The smell is just amazing, and my skin was left so soft after using it, therefore I decided to purchase the whole Nars skincare range, as I had also heard many positive reviews aswell about it. I ordered this range from the FeelUnique website for next day delivery, as I couldn’t wait to try it, click on this link to purchase if you wish-> Feelunique.com. When it arrived at my house I used it straight away. The results were almost instant! My skin felt amazingly fresh and I had that natural glow to my face which lasted throughout the day! As you can see in the picture at the top, going in order from top left I purchased: Nars double refining exfoliater, Nars purifying foam cleanser, Nars gentle cream cleanser, Nars multi – action hydrating toner and lastly my all time favourite Nars luminous moisture cream. I definetly recommend this to anyone wanting that fresh, flawless skin, also if you suffer from occasional breakouts it’s a fantastic routine to get into as it really cleans the skin and draws out all the dirt and impurities, getting rid of the bacteria causing the blemishes. I struggled with finding something that suitsed my skin and I tried everything, but this Nars collection is a miracle. A  word of advice: find something that suits your skin and stick to that, do not keep changing what you put on your skin as this irritates it and can cause problems for you skin such as possible blemishes and inflamation, so do not keep changing the products you use on your skin! I read an interview about François Nars, who is the founder of ‘Nars’and I found it really interesting to read as beauty has been a lifetime obsession of his, just as beauty and fashion are an obsession of mine. François Nars’ moto is that ‘make up is not a mask’ and ‘skin is 50% of the make up.’ Adding to this, recently this week François Nars was awarded France’s premier honorary distinction “Ordre National de le Légion d’Honneur” which he refers to as one of the greatest moments in his career. To read more of this interview about François, click on the link which I have provided here -> François Nars.  So remember my tip when it comes to you skin, which applies to everyone no matter your skin type: stick to the same products that suit your skin and never change! Alicia Rose x

Gorgeous hair done last night at Kimono beauty salon by the amazing hair stylist Grady…

Last night I went out and I went to Kimono in Sutton Coldfield which is my usual hair salon which is very girly! Kimono is very modern, glamorous hair salon/ boutique selling gorgeous, elegant and blingy jewellery and many stylish clothes! I had my hair done by Grady who is incredible at big bouncy blow dry’s (my usual hair style). I had my hair washed and blow dried straight and then had these silky, long, human hair extensions put in from Lulla Bellz – they looked fab! Huge thank you Grady for glamming me up!

Check out their website and get booking your appointments!!!

To book your appointment call: 0121 355 1331

Alicia xx

Did someone say shopping?

Today I went on a girly shopping trip to Birmingham with my friend. We started  our day by going to the Umberto Giannini blow dry bar in Selfridges andI had my hair blow dried with 2 braids either side of my head! It looked very ‘festivalish’! A practical yet still glamorous style to have when going out (to keep your hair out of your face).

blow dry bar - plait

After having our hair done in Selfridges we went to the Mail box and browsed  around Harvey Nichols. I spotted the  most most insane gold, glittery Yves Saint Laurent bag; it was the first thing that caught my attention however, I do adore anything that sparkles (like a magpie).

So extra

Lastly before we went home we went into the shop Daniels footwear, again in the Mailbox and I tried on two pairs of heeled  shoes. The first pair I tried on were Stuart Weitzman heels in the sale from £295 too £145! Wow! Bargain – I know! What I love  is the originality of them as I have never seen anybody wearing heels like this before and I love to be unique and wear something different to everyone else.

glitter stuart weitzman

The last pair of shoes I tried on were new season black high tops from Armani Jeans! Reminds me of the Kardashian’s!

armani jeans


Alicia xx

How to look as good as Rihanna in her silver sheer dress which she wore to the CDFA awards 2014 in New York!

Rihanna rocks this long, silver, sheer dress which she wore back in 2014 to the CDFA awards in New York! Rihanna stepped out in this dress made by Adam Selman which is made of an extraordinary 216,000 Swarovski crystals!

You may love this dress, and there is a cheaper way you can wear it! You may however not be wearing it to the red carpet, but could be wearing it on a tropical island abroad as I did! You can purchase a similar looking (still eye catching) dress from prettylittlething for only £35! I purchased this at the beginning of the Summer holidays and wore it to a beach club  in Mallorca, I felt super glam! Here is a picture of me wearing this …blog sheer dress

It still looks as glam and spectacular as Rihannas dress, and is perfect from going out for lunch abroad to nights out! This is the prettylittlething website selling the style steal of Rihannas dress for only £35 and there are 2 options for you too choose from depending on your size (what is left available and which you prefer) …

pretty little thingRiri

Click on the images to direct you to the prettylittlething website too see/ purchase these dresses!

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I am posting a blog on one of my favourite outfits, so look out for that tomorrow! 

Alicia xx





Writing my first blog …

This is my first blog – so it’s a bit scary! I’ve been looking for some blogs to follow and seen and read some I love, however they all seem to be very formal, all very grown up,where as for me I want to be a glam teenager!  

My style is glamorous and girly!  I love sparkles, anything glittery i’ve got to have! These shoes from Jimmy Choo are sooooo me. I’m going to love them from a distance, no need to own everything I write about. But wish they were mine!jimmy choo