How to look as good as Rihanna in her silver sheer dress which she wore to the CDFA awards 2014 in New York!

Rihanna rocks this long, silver, sheer dress which she wore back in 2014 to the CDFA awards in New York! Rihanna stepped out in this dress made by Adam Selman which is made of an extraordinary 216,000 Swarovski crystals!

You may love this dress, and there is a cheaper way you can wear it! You may however not be wearing it to the red carpet, but could be wearing it on a tropical island abroad as I did! You can purchase a similar looking (still eye catching) dress from prettylittlething for only £35! I purchased this at the beginning of the Summer holidays and wore it to a beach club  in Mallorca, I felt super glam! Here is a picture of me wearing this …blog sheer dress

It still looks as glam and spectacular as Rihannas dress, and is perfect from going out for lunch abroad to nights out! This is the prettylittlething website selling the style steal of Rihannas dress for only £35 and there are 2 options for you too choose from depending on your size (what is left available and which you prefer) …

pretty little thingRiri

Click on the images to direct you to the prettylittlething website too see/ purchase these dresses!

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I am posting a blog on one of my favourite outfits, so look out for that tomorrow! 

Alicia xx





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