Did someone say shopping?

Today I went on a girly shopping trip to Birmingham with my friend. We started  our day by going to the Umberto Giannini blow dry bar in Selfridges andI had my hair blow dried with 2 braids either side of my head! It looked very ‘festivalish’! A practical yet still glamorous style to have when going out (to keep your hair out of your face).

blow dry bar - plait

After having our hair done in Selfridges we went to the Mail box and browsed  around Harvey Nichols. I spotted the  most most insane gold, glittery Yves Saint Laurent bag; it was the first thing that caught my attention however, I do adore anything that sparkles (like a magpie).

So extra

Lastly before we went home we went into the shop Daniels footwear, again in the Mailbox and I tried on two pairs of heeled  shoes. The first pair I tried on were Stuart Weitzman heels in the sale from £295 too £145! Wow! Bargain – I know! What I love  is the originality of them as I have never seen anybody wearing heels like this before and I love to be unique and wear something different to everyone else.

glitter stuart weitzman

The last pair of shoes I tried on were new season black high tops from Armani Jeans! Reminds me of the Kardashian’s!

armani jeans


Alicia xx

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