Nars skincare to the rescue …

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I haven’t posted in a while due to being tied down with a lot of schoolwork as I am currently in my GCSE year, therefore I haven’t been able to post as often as I would have liked. However, tonight I have managed to find some time and I would love to share with you about my recent purchases of the Nars skincare range. I used to use Simple skincare as my daily routine,  however I changed due to the fact it didn’t leave my skin feeling fresh and glowy, which is how I love it, a natural glow! I had purchased the Nars luminous moisture cream before and I absolutely adored it! The smell is just amazing, and my skin was left so soft after using it, therefore I decided to purchase the whole Nars skincare range, as I had also heard many positive reviews aswell about it. I ordered this range from the FeelUnique website for next day delivery, as I couldn’t wait to try it, click on this link to purchase if you wish-> When it arrived at my house I used it straight away. The results were almost instant! My skin felt amazingly fresh and I had that natural glow to my face which lasted throughout the day! As you can see in the picture at the top, going in order from top left I purchased: Nars double refining exfoliater, Nars purifying foam cleanser, Nars gentle cream cleanser, Nars multi – action hydrating toner and lastly my all time favourite Nars luminous moisture cream. I definetly recommend this to anyone wanting that fresh, flawless skin, also if you suffer from occasional breakouts it’s a fantastic routine to get into as it really cleans the skin and draws out all the dirt and impurities, getting rid of the bacteria causing the blemishes. I struggled with finding something that suitsed my skin and I tried everything, but this Nars collection is a miracle. A  word of advice: find something that suits your skin and stick to that, do not keep changing what you put on your skin as this irritates it and can cause problems for you skin such as possible blemishes and inflamation, so do not keep changing the products you use on your skin! I read an interview about François Nars, who is the founder of ‘Nars’and I found it really interesting to read as beauty has been a lifetime obsession of his, just as beauty and fashion are an obsession of mine. François Nars’ moto is that ‘make up is not a mask’ and ‘skin is 50% of the make up.’ Adding to this, recently this week François Nars was awarded France’s premier honorary distinction “Ordre National de le Légion d’Honneur” which he refers to as one of the greatest moments in his career. To read more of this interview about François, click on the link which I have provided here -> François Nars.  So remember my tip when it comes to you skin, which applies to everyone no matter your skin type: stick to the same products that suit your skin and never change! Alicia Rose x

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