Rock/ chic style

This is my first post in a while as I have been really busy with school work revising for my GCSE mocks, however they are now over and hopefully I should be able to post more regularly. Last weekend I went to Birmingham for a day out with my friend. I wore my very #missguided inspired outfit. I wore the ‘death metal skull lace up t-shirt black‘  which if you click on the link is available online in most sizes. ‘Rock/ street’ or ‘rock/ chic’ is a very popular style at the moment especially if you visit the missguided site or a missguided store, it seems to be the popular style this season.  To go along with this t-shirt, I wore a pair of suede eyelet trousers which I always get complemented on when I wear them. Again, these trousers are from Misguided and I absolutely love them –  grey eyelet knee lace up detail leggings,  this is the link if you wish to purchase them. They are  a stretchy suede material, meaning they are also very comfortable. They are £35 however sizes 6 and 8 are currently out of stock, but the other sizes are all still available. Lastly I wore a rock studded leather jacket to complete my ‘rock chic’ look.  However I won’t talk about this too much as I have provided more details about it further down in my next post. As I am looking down my instagram feed I have seen that a ‘t-shirt dress’ or a ‘rock slogan t shirt dress’ also seem to be ‘the in’ style at the moment aswell. You can wear this t shirt dress with any form of shoe aswell, if you are going for  a casual day look you could wear it with a pair of trainers or pumps, or even some low ankle boots, and for the day time that may look nice with a cross body bag. If you are wearing it as more of an evening/ going out style you can wear it with any pair of heels or slightly higher ankle boots. My favourite style for the evening is a t shirt dress with thigh high boots.  Whilst I was admiring all the clothes in the Missguided store in Selfridges, Birmingham. I also had a chance to try a couple of outfits on, one being a slogan t shirt dress, this was a very stylish mesh slogan t shirt dress, which could by dressed up and look great on a night out, or like I have said dressed down with a pair of trainers or pumps, and a cute little jacket.  To purchase this dress, click on this link as it is available online in all sizes and is only at a price of £25: black mesh 2 in 1 mono print slogan dress. I wore this slogan dress with a rock stud leather jacket, again going along with the rock theme that is very popular this month. You can purchase the leather studded jacket on misguided, again I will provide the link, you could wear this jacket with anything, jeans, a dress, a skirt, you name it: petite black faux leather studded biker jacket and this jacket is £75, also available online in all sizes. My most recent purchase from misguided which I absolutely adore are my new pair of heels, which you can vaguely see in the picture below. They are from the Peace + Love range from missguided and they look very similar to Versace heels. Here is the link if you wish to purchase or look at them online misguided: peace + love khaki embellished strap heeled sandals, they are a very good price of £40.I hope yoy have enjoyed reading & please leave your comments and let me know if you have enjoyed reading my post and whether you like my #missguided inspired outfit.



Alicia xx


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